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Are you promoting your great hardware and DIY offers with stickers?

We are expanding our range of sticker templates with some new versions for both the 40mm round stickers and 25mm round stickers. We are excited to offer the 25mm size round stickers with the same quality as the 40mm stickers we currently supply. The 25mm stickers are especially good value – at 70 stickers per sheet, a 90-sheet pack contains 6300 stickers!

We’re also giving you a chance to save even more on either the 25mm or the 40mm circular stickers. If you order 3 packs, we give you an €8 price break – on top of which you’ll be saving by only needing to pay for one delivery.

Stickers are a fantastic way to make your in-store offers even more irresistable. We have star stickers with colour options to highlight products on promotion, standard stickers with your savings message and a choice of colour, and logo stickers that you can use as bag closers or anywhere you want to stick your logo!

Holiday-themed stickers add to the fun. We’ll be providing colourful holiday promotion templates for our round stickers for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and all the holiday seasons of the coming year.

Order your blank 25mm stickers or 40mm stickers now. If you aren’t yet signed up to PromoPOS, consider signing up for a free 7-day trial now!