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Make the Most of Christmas In-Store Marketing Opportunities


In-Store marketing is a very important piece of the overall marketing puzzle for Irish retailers. Especially at Christmas, it is crucial to make the most of the seasonal shopping mood that leads your customers to impulse buys and guide them to your special offers. PromoPOS has a new range of festive Christmas templates to help you with this crucial communication.

Product Choice Decisions Made at the Point of Sale

A major distinction between two types of product choice decisions are those made at the point of sale and those made at home. This is with regard to purchases made outside the home of course! In the current Irish retail environment, in-store purchases are still the primary focus, and of these purchases, the decisions that will be made while standing at the shelf are the ones that can be influenced by the retailer. We can break product choice decisions down into 3 groups:
1. Brand Loyal – this applies particularly to products related directly to pleasure such as liquor, cigarettes, and chocolate. We also see brand loyalty in the very high-priced products like cars. Among younger people, there is fierce brand loyalty for certain brands of clothing, particularly athletic clothes and shoes.
2. Preferred Brands – generally with very familiar products, the customer is aware of some preferred brands or will have a preference for
any name-brand product.
3. Brand-Agnostic – the customer doesn’t have a strong sense of brand loyalty. Interestingly where alcoholic drinks are concerned, as opposed to Beer and hard liquor, most customers are brand-agnostic to wines. They may find a particular wine they like but there is very little loyalty to a particular producer. Customers are easily swayed in brand-agnostic product areas either by price, or because a new product is on offer, or a variety of other reasons including the retailer giving them a reason to choose one product over another.

Communication with your customer is paramount when it comes to the brand-agnostic category. This can be done conversationally, but more often than not retailers are a little too busy to approach each customer personally in the aisle. In this case, printed point-of sale materials such as provided by PromoPOS are essential to communicate special offers throughout the shop.

Printed point-of-sale is an important part (perhaps the most important part) of your in-store marketing campaigns. Generally, in-store marketing provides guidance to your customer in a few stages:

  • Guides passing trade into the shop through window displays.
  • Guides the customer to product areas, particularly those areas where impulse buys are most likely
  • Guides the customer to stop en route to check out an offer
  • Guides the customer to choose a brand on special offer over another
  • Reminds the customer of an important purchase they weren’t necessarily planning to do that day (e.g. purchase a gift)


In-Store Marketing at Christmas

Christmas is the most important retail season, with 20% of the year’s retail sales in many sectors. Make the most of it by creating a festive Christmas mood in your store. Keep it tasteful but ensure that throughout your store there are reminders of the season. Just as retailers are aware of the potential to increase profits at Christmas, shoppers are subconsciously aware that this is the season to spend, that impulse buys are acceptable, and in some cases they can give themselves permission to make that somewhat extravagant spend for a gift. Remind your customer as they walk through the aisles that it is the Christmas season. We recommend you keep your Christmas decorations reasonably low-key and in good taste (maybe skip the animatronic Santa), but present thourhgout the store. One way to strengthen this message is through the new Christmas-themed shelf talkers and posters from PromoPOS.